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Nestled in the southern portion in the deserts of Arizona lies a bustling city that gives residents and visitors alike excitement and entertainment; opportunities for the young and a comfortable climate for the young at heart. Phoenix is not only the state capital but it is also the largest city in the state with an estimated population of over 1.4 million as of the 2010 census. This large, metropolitan city is a favorite spot to live year round and raise a family and a place to escape the northern United States winters for those who have retired. Contact Lorna Lemon today so she can assist you in your search for the real estate for sale that will exceed everything you have been looking for.

The city offers quite an interesting history lesson - The capital of Arizona was once a part of Mexico until the end of the Mexican-American war. After the war, the Army built Fort McDowell on the banks of the Verde River in an effort to begin habitation in the desert town. The town was initially situated to be perfect for a city since the ancient Hohokam people created irrigation canals and other ways to grow food and create a civilization. Today, the site is home to the largest city in the state and well over one million residents.

Parks and Recreation

The Parks and Rec department here provides all types of outdoor and indoor recreation opportunities. The weather in Arizona is always warm and at times during the summer it gets hot. This is why the parks and rec department offers a bit of everything; from the 29 outdoor pools to the 31 recreation centers that provide some indoor, air conditioned recreation opportunities, there is always something to do that will either get you outdoors or indoors whichever you want to do that day. There are also all types of sports leagues and the little league programs offer a non-competitive team play opportunity for kids of all ages, skills and levels. Additionally, there are countless trails, mountains and parks for everyone to enjoy.

Entertainment, Events and Things to Do

There is always something going on in Phoenix. From sporting events to concerts, fine arts and plays, there is something for every taste going on all of the time. Some of the main attractions include the center for the arts, the Children’s Chorus and the Shemer Art Center. This city is also immersed in culture as well, allowing everyone to learn about other traditions and customs. The Japanese Friendship Garden brings a piece of Japan to Arizona. This provides an oasis for visitors and residents to see what lies on the other side of the world without making the trip.

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