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What is better than living in the middle of a busy city? Living in the suburbs of the busy city where you can live the quiet life with the entertainment just a quick drive away. Chandler Arizona is one of those suburbs located just outside of Phoenix Arizona. With a population of just over 230,000 as of the latest census taken in 2010; a far cry from the 1.4 million in Phoenix. With the top notch education system and various opportunities in this suburb, it is no surprise that the real estate here is considered prime properties. Contact Lorna Lemon today so she can get started on finding you your dream home in the suburbs.


The history of this suburb dates back to 1891 when Dr. Alexander Chandler purchased 18,000 acres. He was learning about irrigation at the time making him the perfect person to develop this growing parcel of land. 1912 was a big year for the town since the first town site office was opened as well as the high school. In 1941, the Air Force opened Williams Air Force Base which brought more people to the town and has continued to bring residents and financial stability to the suburb.

Parks and Recreation

The climate in Arizona is typically warm to hot so the parks and rec department here offer much more than your typical co-rec sports and little league programs. While they do offer various tennis courts and indoor recreation centers, they also offer more unconventional aspects to the area parks. While you can enjoy the many water parks and swimming pools in the area, there are also splash pads at most city parks. These pads offer a safe and fun way for your little ones to get wet and cool down without actually going into the water. These are sprayers that are attached to the playground equipment so everyone can get cool while playing outside.

What’s Happening

This may be a suburb of a big city but it still has the small town vibe. There are always events throughout town that celebrate various celebrations and holidays which allow the residents to socialize and celebrate as a town. For a full list on the different festivals and events, you can look at the city events page located at If you are still longing for more, then there are always events like big name performers like Taylor Swift performing in the surrounding cities and towns.

This suburb is one that everyone enjoys. From those who are raising a family to those who want to find summer homes; there is something for everyone. If you have been searching for homes that will mold to your current and future needs, then contact Lorna Lemon today to get the search started.

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